It’s a real fairytale. A South Wales landscape garden that’s been slumbering under overgrown trees and shrubs for nearly 100 years is being gently woken by local volunteers.

Through hard work, persistence and community spirit by local volunteers and with the financial support of sponsors and the Friends of Penllergare membership scheme, we have been working hard over the last decade or so to maintain and to restore the Penllergare landscape to the romantic style shown in the photographs of John Dillwyn Llewelyn who created it.

Much of the restoration and woodland management so far has been concentrated on the northern end of the valley but we have great ambitions for Valley Woods including the restoration of the walled gardens, the carriage drive, the lower lake and dam, and more.

Finding ways to generate income to sustain this long term project as well as to fund new initiatives will always be a priority. If you love and value Valley Woods, please help us to look after it by joining our Friends of Penllergare membership scheme, giving a donation, or volunteering.


Dave on the chainsaw

Vol History - April 2011 Steps Emily DoughetyHedgelaying 4th Feb 2016 Meryl

Restoring the Terrace Gardens (Christine Clarke June 16)